2019 Ultimate Africa Photographic Tour

When: June 26,2018
Time: 12:30am
Category: Special Events

Date is approximate at the moment while itinerary is being finalised.

EXCITING NEWS!!! There will be 2 parts to the 2019 itinerary. 

NAMIBIA PART I: (The Serene South) 

The first part will be majestic desertscapes of Southern Namibia. We will venture deep into the landscape and photograph the awesome wonders of some of the highest dunes in Africa, explore the abandoned township of Kolmanskop, experience the extremities of the coast village of Luderitz, capture the wild essence of the famous feral desert horses and share intimate experiences with the tribes people of Namibia. There will be opportunities for landscape, astro, skyscape, macro, wildlife, portrait and artistic architectural photography. Optional aerial and hot air ballooning excursions will also be available. This is set to be the best Southern Namibian experience any photographer could wish for. It's a personal favourite of Matt's.

NAMIBIA PART II (The Wild Lands of the North West)

The second part will be in the northern part of Namibia. We will venture deep into a very different landscape compared to the south. On this journey we will experience and capture the wild vast beauty of the rugged and slightly more vegetated landscapes. We will be exploring and photographing everything from big cats, plains game, Himba tribespeople, ancient rock art, shipwrecks of the skeleton coast all by day, and then by night we will venture out to encounter nocturnal wildlife under the decorated Namibian desert sky. 

Namibia is an amazing country but it is also a very large country. In the past I have ran safaris and tours and tried to include as much of the north and south but found the pace to be very rush. My aim is to deliver the best photographic experiences as well as a balance of relaxation and comfort. For this reason, I have decided to create the Parts I & II safaris so that this is achieved. Namibia is not a country to be rushed.

EXOTIC SIDE EXCURSIONS and ADVENTURES - to be announced soon

What is the Ultimate Africa Photographic Series?

Matt has spent some of the best years of his life travelling through amazing parts of the African continent and has hand-picked some of his favourite trails and destinations that he believes would excite any photographer.

Join Matt on a photographic journey through one of the most diverse African countries. Capture the raw beauty of southern Africa as we travel through some of the most remote parts of the country. Photo opportunities range from desert landscapes, tribal portraits, star trails and of course, exotic wildlife images. The tour combines a balance of relaxation and taking photos, making it the ultimate African photographic experience.

Duration: Each trip is typically 15 days

Cost: Email Matt at matt@mattkemp.com for itinerary and details

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