Humpback Whale Migration Photo Safari - Sunrise Whale Watching tour

When: July 31,2017
Time: 5:30am
Category: Workshops

Join the Canon Collective and Matt Kemp for an exhilarating water-safari photographic experience at sunset for the humpback whale migration.

Our expert guide and captain will provide information about whale behavior as we track and photograph the majestic humpback whales and their calves as they travel back south to the cooler waters of the Antarctic region.

This is no tourist boat - this is a special interest, water safari aboard a military-spec rigid-hull inflatable vessel, providing the closest (and safest) water-level viewpoint. The boat is extremely powerful and can move very quickly from pod-to-pod. The vessel is filled to half capacity for maximum comfort and ease of mobility. The water-level vantage point means your whale photos will look spectacular!

Canon will be onboard to assist you with your wildlife photography and display the latest EF100-400mm lens along with the Canon EOS 5Div and EOS1DXii cameras.

Please note: we'll be picking up from two locations. The first pick up location is Ocean Extreme, Circular Quay and we'll then come and collect the others at Manly Kayak Pantoon.
  • 31st July, 2017
  • 5:30am - circular quay
  • 5:45am - manly kayak pontoon

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